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Diamond Sky

Hi, I’m Nicole and I am the owner and creator of Diamond Sky.

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2003 and absolutely love helping people feel better, get more range of motion, and recover from injury.

In 2017, I decided I wanted to make a bigger impact than only helping the handful of clients I could work on every week and found that if I could help people PREVENT injury, I could help tons of people all at once!

Grip Socks can help almost anyone, regardless of their age or activity level. Non slip socks can help with providing more stability and confidence in everyday life and activities.

They work perfectly for Pilates, Barre, and Yoga classes, Pre & Post Pregnancy, Elderly, anyone who is at risk for falling, Hospital stays, or just plain slippery floors.

I spent months searching for the perfect sock that would be the best quality, and coming up with a grip design so our socks would give ultimate grip. The sticky dots are bigger than other brands so they won’t wear off, and the material of the socks is comfortable and durable!

My mission is to help as many people as possible prevent injury and help give ease of mind. I am confident that I created the highest quality Grip Socks you can find. They help provide stability while adding comfort to any activity (or lounging) you do. These will be your new favorite socks that you wear ALL THE TIME!

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